Community Partnerships with Coaches Across Continents

Our Community Legacy Team partners with hundreds of community organizations in more than 40 countries to Design, Develop and Implement year-round sport for social impact programs. Our strategic resources from our Chance to Choice and ASK for Choice Initiatives empower local communities to address key social issues like women's and child rights, gender equity, conflict prevention, health and wellness, and vital life skills enabling them to choose their own future.

To apply for a Hat-Trick Initiative community partnership, please read our Partnership Guide and complete our Partnership Application.

2016 Direct Impacts


28 Participating Countries


90 Implementing Community Partners


1,602 Member Partner Programs


4,615 Certified Community Coaches

1,406,331 Children Directly Impacted in 2016

Since 2008:

41 Participating Countries
385 Implementing Community Partners
4,081 Member Community Partners
18,300 Certified Community Coaches
160,800 On-Field Coaching Education Hours
2,563,879 Children Directly Impacted

$10,395,000 Value of All Year-Round Partnerships

Hat-Trick Initiative

Our award-winning ‘Hat-Trick Initiative’ is a three-year partnership with an implementing community partner, and consists of comprehensive, year-round organizational development and sport for social impact education that focuses on local issues such as: female empowerment, including gender equity; conflict prevention, including social inclusion; health and wellness, including HIV/AIDS behavior change; child rights; vital life skills; and fun.

Our key to success is a unique Self-Directed Learning model that is based on our 'Chance to Choice' and ‘ASK for Choice’ curricula that educate people to identify, address, and solve problems specific to their communities. When applying for a partnership, communities choose either our Chance to Choice or ASK for Choice pathway.

Chance to Choice

Coaches Across Continents uses a unique Self-Directed Learning model that educates people to identify, address, and solve problems specific to their communities. We believe that young people throughout the world go through similar stages of development. ‘Chance to Choice’ focuses upon the principles of moving from the chance and conformity of an unquestioned lifestyle through deepening insight to the recognition of potential choices. Personal life skills are required to make and act upon these choices. Coaches Across Continents works to give youth the life skills they need to move beyond “Chance” and reach “Choice.”

Over the course of the three-year partnership, we use annual benchmarks to monitor progress. In the first year, we Educate on how to best use sport for social impact. In the second year, communities Adapt our curriculum to best suit their local needs. And in the third year, they Create a sport for social impact curriculum specific to their own community.

ASK for Choice

Through ASK for Choice, Coaches Across Continents will: create an environment for the progression of Attitudes towards education and gender roles; the development of Skills for female leadership and problem solving; and an increase in Knowledge of gender policies. This will lead to educational, employment, entrepreneurial, financial, girls’ and women’s rights, and health Choices. ASK for Choice will enhance personal and community responsibility and produce locally owned and relevant gender equity initiatives.

Coaches Across Continents’ strategic mentorship on curriculum and policy development will bring gender policies to life throughout communities by generating pathways to advance women’s and girls' participation, leadership, and rights in and through sport.

Year-Round Strategic Resources

Our key to creating organizational development and sport for social impact education lies in our year-round support of community partners through our strategic resources. These include our On-Field training, Virtual Learning Community, Community Impact Coach Program, Online Education Program, support for global days, joint funding opportunities, connections to capital improvements and equipment, references for awards, social media promotion, sharing of best practices through our global network, and more.

Virtual Learning Community

Launched in 2016, our Virtual Learning Community (VLC) is a series of monthly webinars with the aim of providing capacity building in critical areas needed for organizational development and sport for social impact education. Sample topics include Child Rights, Monitoring & Evaluation, Social Media Promotion, Women's Rights and Policies, and more. The webinars are free and are hosted by Edudip.

To join any of our monthly webinars, please email:

Community Impact Coach (CIC) Initiative

The CIC initiative is a life changing program providing young leaders from disadvantaged communities with the opportunity to work alongside CAC coaches in other communities both domestically or internationally. They are able to network, gain an understanding of social problems in different regions and return to their communities with more knowledge and improved employability skills. To see some of our CIC's go to this page.

To apply to become a Community Impact Coach please complete our application form.

On-Field Training

Each partner will be visited by a team of CAC coaches for 1-2 weeks annually. On-Field training consists of working with a minimum of 50 local coaches and teachers for 20 hours. In addition to learning our award-winning curriculum, participants will also receive training in Child Protection and Women's Rights. Upon successful completion participants will receive certificates and are expected to implement our curriculum.

To apply please read our Partnership Guide and complete our Partnership Application.

Online Education Program

Launched in 2015, the Online Education Program is a 9-month online curriculum development program. Up to 30 students will train on our SportSessionPlanner platform and learn to develop their own sport for social impact games for use in their community. The course runs from March - December, and each participant will invest approximately 200 hours over the 9 months in order to graduate from the course.

For more information please email

Community Partnership Options:


In Country Services

Needs Analysis

Strategic Consultancy

5-10 Day On-Field Training

Social Media Promotion

CAC Staff In Country


9-12 Webinars

Online Education Program

Monthly Curriculum

Country Webinars

Online Programming

Organizational Development

Organizational Development Partnership Manager

Joint Funding Opportunities

Global Networking

Award Recognition

Monitoring & Evaluation

Brand Development

Leadership Courses

Child Rights Policy Development

Women's Rights Policy Development

Social Media Promotion



Program Development

Program Development Partnership Manager 

Community Impact Coach Pathway

Self-Directed Learning Educational Style

Educate, Adapt, Create for sustainability

3 Global Days With CAC Resources

Curriculum Development

Equipment Across Continents

Capital Improvement Opportunities

Chance to choice