• 10 in 2010 with Kick for Hope

    July 14th, 2010:   The 2010 Kick for Hope Tournament has selected Coaches across Continents as a chosen charity.  We’d like to thank Kick for Hope and all the teams who are working to help charities and communities in Africa.

    Kick for Hope is promoting our Ten in 2010 World Cup Challenge to give clubs an opportunity to adopt their own project. By committing ten teams to Kick for Hope in 2010, your club can choose to fund a project through these charities. Projects include but are not limited to:

    In 2009, Coaches across Continents won the Beyond Sport Global Award for Sport for Social Development. In our first two years, we have seen teen pregnancy reduced, an increase in school participation for boys and girls, and more than 400 local teachers and coaches in 4 countries now use our curriculum. By choosing to support a Coaches across Continents project your club will fund teacher and coach training at new sites in Kenya and Uganda which will provide health, life and leadership education for more than 8,800 children aged under 16. Coaches and teams are welcome to join us at a community project in Africa. For information visit www.coachesacrosscontinents.com

    The Sudanese Refugee Network gives a local club the opportunity to help under-resourced African refugees right here in San Diego. Refugees only receive limited federal benefits and many live in poverty. Your support will help SRN provide much needed nutrition, tutoring, and clothing to local refugees in need. When you choose to support the SRN with ten teams, your club will have the opportunity to meet with SRN directors and see how your support will meet the needs of hundreds of refugees. For information visit www.sudaneserefugees.com

    In Lesotho, southern Africa, 23% of the population is infected with HIV/AIDS. Many of these are children who do not have access to treatment that could save their lives. Test Your Team events are large one-day soccer festivals where teams not only get points for winning matches, but also for taking part in health education and voluntary testing. In a single day, Kick4Life can test more than 500 kids for HIV, referring those who are positive to life-saving treatment and counseling. By selecting Test Your Team, your can help us save hundreds of lives! We would also love to invite your coach to come to Lesotho to observe and take part in the event that your club has made possible! For information visit www.kick4life.org

    There are thousands of children living on the streets of Lesotho. Many of them have been orphaned by HIV and now have nowhere to live and no-one to look after them. Their lives on the streets are fraught with danger from crime, poor health and poverty. Kick4Life’s Street Youth Initiative enables hundreds of these kids to have fun by running soccer training every day after school. Other sports and activities such as art and drama are also available, giving the kids a rare chance to forget about their troubled lives. By selecting our Street Youth Initiative, your club will give 300 disadvantaged children the chance to play soccer every day for three months. We would also love to invite your coach to visit Lesotho to come and meet the children and deliver some soccer training to the kids in Africa! For information visit www.kick4life.org

    Almost a billion people on the planet don’t have access to clean drinking water. Unsafe water and a lack of basic sanitation cause 80% of all disease and kill more people than all forms of violence, including war. We’re working to change that. By choosing Charity:water for your ten in 2010 beneficiary, your $5,000 contribution can build a freshwater well in a village and provide 250+ people with clean drinking water. For more information log on to www.charitywater.org

    Nutritious food is a critical building block for childrenÕs growth and development. Half of all childhood deaths can be traced to malnutrition or lack of food. And when parents are weakened by hunger, they cannot work, grow crops or provide for their families.Unless communities can establish secure sources of food to meet their nutritional needs, they have little hope of offering their children a healthy future. When you choose to support World Vision with your Ten in 2010 contribution, your club will provide drip irrigation kits to help water 30 farms. Over 150 people will benefit from this by providing them with a sustainable source of nutrition and additional income. For more information log on to http://www.worldvision.org

    Project Concern International (PCI) believes every child has the right to an education that can provide them a stronger chance in life. In Tanzania, PCI helping address malnutrition and increase enrollment, attendance and performance by ensuring children receive daily meals at school. But, food is not enough to help these children learn. Many schools are still in dire need of basic materials such as textbook for studentsÑthe ratio of child per book is often 6:1 or higher. With a $5,000 contribution, your club can fund 1,111 books in Tanzania for the 2010-2011 school year. This contribution will ensure schools are meeting the national standard of one textbook for every three students. This simple intervention will double the amount of time each student is able to read and learn each day. For more information, log on to http://www.projectconcern.org

    For more information check out:  www.kickforhope.org.