• 2021 Global Day of Play

    Coaches Across Continents launched the first annual Global Day of Play on August 27th, 2021. CAC’s Global Day of Play was the first international day dedicated to the positive impacts of play. With research showing the benefits of movement and play on cognitive, emotional and physical development,  we were thrilled to have nearly 1.5 million people in over 40 countries participating, each of our partners highlighted the importance of play and celebrated the day in their own way. 

    We saw the playing of sports such as football, table tennis, badminton, handball, and netball. We also witnessed the joy of dancing, singing, chanting, and jump roping. The power of play was felt across age groups. While most of the organizations served the youth, adults and senior citizens got involved with Global Day of Play as well!

     Slum Soccer, our partner in India celebrated Global Day of Play by inviting children and their parents to play activities together. Parents discussed the importance of play, took the #PledgeToPlayEveryday, and then played football alongside their children.

    Our Ugandan partner, the Mbarara Sports Academy, not only participated on August 27th, but in the build up to Global Day of Play impacted their community by donating blood to a local blood bank. They shared, “play for us means giving and saving lives.” Mbarara Sports Academy also provided space for the playing of football, card games, and cycling. The boys created signs showcasing their #PledgeToPlayEveryday. 

    #PledgeToPlayEveryday reverberated across social media, reaching hundreds of thousands of accounts and garnering support from every corner of the world. We thank every individual who committed to #PledgeToPlayEveryday and each of our partners for making the first Global Day of Play an astounding success! 


    Written by Mariah Lee

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