• 5 More Countries in 2011. Coaches across Continents programs for the Fall ‘on’ and ‘off’ the field.

    September 8th, 2011.  Coaches across Continents programs continue through the Fall in Tanzania, Zambia, Ghana, Liberia and India.

    Coaches Graeme and Mark fly into Tanzania on September 12th to run a program with the Njombe Municipal alongside our Tanzanian coach, Nico.  This will be the 4th program site in Tanzania and reflects the hard work of Nico and the popularity of the Coaches across Continents program.  Graeme and Mark will be working with local teachers to ensure that key games and messages reach as many children as possible through the school system.

    Jaren leaves for Zambia in mid September to continue our partnership with Play Soccer Zambia.  He will learn from the Play Soccer program in Lusaka and report back to Nick, Judy and Kelsey.

    In October, Marisa, Nick and Jaren will be running our first year program with Youth Icons, Ghana in Tamale and Accra.  This is an exciting new partnership that introduces sport for development to young leaders in Ghana as well as school teachers in the region.

    Jaren and Marisa then fly in to Liberia to work with Pappie Jones and his excellent program to introduce a full teaching style that uses football to address local social needs including female empowerment.  Pappie is a true leader in Liberia and his passion for change through sport secured the partnership.

    Then in November, Marisa joins Nick in India to work with Slum Soccer, a StreetFootballWorld member who are doing wonderful things in Nagpur.  This will be the first year in India.

    1999 Signed USA Women's World Cup shirt....soon to be added to our eBay store

    Off the field, Coaches across Continents is already planning for 2012 and we have added Brian to our Coach Advisory Board to structure our 2012 partner communities, place our 2012 staff and develop our on-line 3D curriculum.  Sam joins the team to lead Volunteer Staff recruitment and placement and Jamie is leading all our Social Media.  Ciaran continues to lead all our US based marketing programs through XL Soccer and Kelsey is building our new Chance to Lead program to introduce this ground breaking method to all our partner programs through our partnership with GMU.  Judith continues to reply to the growing number of events and awards who request Coaches across Continents to be part of their programs.  Equipment across Continents now has more than $1.5 million of new equipment ready to be either sold on eBay for funds or transported to Africa, and this program is led by Dani.

    So it’s a busy and exciting time for everyone at Coaches across Continents….why don’t you get involved?