• A Lifetime of Learning

    CAC’s Kelly Conheeney talks about learning a little from everyone after week 2 in Mokopane, South Africa with the Red Cross Society.

    July 14th 2015. I try to learn as much about people as I can when I’m moving around the world with CAC. I think that’s part of being a good coach, getting to know your players- even if it’s only for one or two weeks. Because you can learn something from everybody you meet. I like to hear what people are passionate about, to pick their brain and hear their stories. I didn’t get to talk much to Sean, but I was impressed mostly because he was the only 13 year old in a pool of over 25 adult coaches who attended the two weeks of training. His actions spoke more than the words he said.

    This past week in Mokopane, South Africa was our second week of working with the same intelligent hard working group of participants as we worked with the previous week. The Football For Hope center made playing 4v4 every morning a nice treat, as we waited for all the participants to show up.

    The thing that really stuck with me this week that reminded me once again why I love CAC was how eager the coaches were to coach one another at the last session of the training. We gave their innovative brains time to collide with one another in pairs and adapt one of the games they learned from this years CAC course as well as last years course. The outcome was impressive. It was coaching filled with passion, personality and energy! It’s always fun to watch the coaches come alive in their transformation from player to coach.

    With the work we do, we focus on putting the tools and the power in the hands of the community and take a step back as they use what we have given them to work on making their community a better place.

    We believe in people and we believe in change for the better.

    We are not quite finished in Mokopane, we have another year to go, but this group has shown so much progress over the past 2 weeks. They arrived willing to work and play everyday, soaking in the knowledge and taking the social messages home with them at the end of the day. It was apparent by the end of the second week that the participants were ready to put their 60 hours of practice to the test.

    Next year we will work on creating entirely new games with them. This year they were challenged off the field both weeks, in groups, individually and as a team;  talking about issues of the world that were important to them, and local issues in their community that they want to see change.

    At the end of the week Sean asked if it were possible for him to take a One World Futbol back with him to his community. He just started a boys team and would like another ball so he can teach his peers CAC games. We gladly sent him home with one.

    It will take the older leaders like the ones we worked with this week to continue to challenge and encourage each other to teach the children of the community CAC games.

    And it will take young committed leaders like Sean to teach his peers the skills he has learned on the football field to build their character in life and create a better Mokopane future.

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