• A new Partnership with Rumah Cemara in Bandung, Indonesia

    Rumah Cemara Football League for Social Change and Inclusion

    September 17th, 2012:

    Coaches Across Continents traveled from Northern Kenya to the bustling city of Jakarta, Indonesia to work with over 400 Standard Chartered employees teaching them how to use football for social development in their communities. The focus of the employee volunteer training program is to teach employees the new GOAL On Field Program so that they are able to then implement the games with local school children, children living in orphanages and with other non profit groups. Standard Chartered in collaboration with the Population Council and other developmental groups designed the GOAL curriculum, which is being implemented in groups in China, Nigeria, India, among others. The GOAL curriculum was created to empower young female adolescents by teaching them skills relating to financial literacy, communication, rights and responsibilities and health. The curriculum includes classroom activities as well as focusing on the importance of sport activities in female youths’ lives.

    Coaches Across Continents was approached to develop the on field GOAL program so that the same life skills could be taught through sport sessions. The current GOAL On Field curriculum includes 20 games divided into four modules: Be Yourself, Be Empowered, Be Healthy and Be Money Savvy. The games themselves teach the skills that are addressed in the GOAL curriculum. Standard Chartered Indonesia employees will be taught an assortment of these games as well as a unique approach to using sport for development that will guide them in their volunteer efforts with the local Indonesian youth.

    While spending time in Indonesia preparing for the Standard Chartered GOAL Employee Training program, the Coaches Across Continents team also implemented a pilot project with Rumah Cemara, a group working in Bandung, Indonesia. In 2003 five recovering drug addicts founded Rumah Cemara with the belief that change could be created from within their community of recovering drug users. Now, nine years later, the organization is still working hard to create an Indonesia where discrimination towards people with HIV/AIDS and people who use drugs doesn’t exist. They work to achieve this “Indonesia free of discrimination” through a peer intervention model and services that include a rehabilitation and treatment center and community support and engagement. Within their community support and engagement efforts is their football for social development and inclusion programs, which is also where a partnership with Coaches Across Continents will help them further strengthen this program.

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    As a pilot partnership with Rumah Cemara, Coaches Across Continents worked with 12 coaches for two days, teaching games

    Rumah Cemara Coaches and Volunteers at the Street Football Pitch in Bandung

    relating to football for life skills, football for health and wellness and football for conflict resolution. The two days were not sufficient and both sides agreed to continue the partnership in 2013.  On the second day CAC worked with Rumah Cemara coaches and volunteers on the street football pitch that was created in preparation for the organization’s participation in Homeless World Cup. Rumah Cemara participated last year in Paris and is currently raising funds for this year’s tournament in Mexico City.

    Rumah Cemara has had an amazing reach into the society. By December 2009, the organization had already treated 200 drug users at their Treatment Center in Bandung and their membership includes 4,317 people with HIV/AIDS and drug users, and 1,276 people affected by HIV/AIDS within 61 peer support groups. They use football to reach out to the community to engage local groups and communities and with the objective to reduce the stigma of people living with HIV/AIDS as well as drug abusers. Rumah Cemara believes that a partnership with Coaches Across Continents will provide their coaches with ample knowledge of how to use sport for social development. Coaches Across Continents is thrilled for this unique partnership and to learn from Rumah Cemara and their innovative ways of addressing issues relating to HIV, social inclusion and health and wellness through football.