• A Special Third Year in Katatura Namibia

    IMG_0232June 24, 2013.  For the third consecutive year a Coaches Across Continents team (Brian Suskiewicz, Charlie Crawford, Sheila Dohmann, Nick Gates, Bill Gates (former Middlesbrough professional) & Dr. Judith Gates – CAC board member) came to Katatura, Namibia and worked with coaches at Special Olympics Namibia.  Although is was our third year we taught all new games that emphasize conflict resolution, gender equality, and health and wellness through the use of sport.  At the Football for Hope Center there was a solid average turnout of 30 coaches a day with a very small number of them ever having any prior coaching experience.   By the end of the week these coaches had not only gained the knowledge of games that teach social lessons, but had practiced on each other and done a fair job at imitating Nick and his mannerisms.  Some even went so far as to claim “all seeing eyes” and demand public apologies from their players for mistakes.

    IMG_2949A group of these new members to the Coaches Across Continents family will be playing in the Homeless World Cup this August.  Easily identified by their dyed blonde hair and serious expressions, they would run themselves ragged by playing pickup in the morning and somehow keep chugging along through the next four hours of our own sessions.  They have the real potential for change in Namibia because they are all too familiar with the social problems that exist having lived them throughout their lives.

    IMG_0624In the afternoons, after working with the coaches, the CAC team would go to schools that Special Olympics works with and run a session for the kids.  Tuesday we went to the Dagbreek School.  It was an inspiring trip.  We had never seen kids look after each other as compassionately as these did.  These kids managed to be more considerate and aware of all of each other’s needs better than any teacher or supervisor ever could and it was done with a smile.  They’d pat each other on the back, willingly give up their turn to a newcomer, and give high-fives as often as possible.  One young girl even kindly demonstrated to a struggling Bill how to sit on a ball without falling over.   Our first week working with SON has been great, and we expect another fantastic week in the nearby city of Rehobeth next!



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