• Announcing a Unique Partnership with FRO Uganda

    November 18th, 2009.

    Coaches across Continents has announced a new partner program in Pader District, Uganda.

    The FRO organization has recognized the power of Sport for Social Development and we are pleased to embark on an educational process for their teachers and volunteers to help build a community and a generation of children who have been affected by war.

    Our coaches will arrive in Uganda in May 2010 to start this evolving process of re-education.  It is an exciting challenge with an outstanding partner.

    Background of Friends of Orphans:

    Friends of Orphans (FRO) was founded and is administered by former child soldiers, orphans and abductees from Pader District, all of whom were and continue to be affected by the war in Northern Uganda.Mission.

    The mission is, to contribute to the empowerment, rehabilitation and reintegration of former child soldiers, abductees, child mothers, orphans and to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS.Focus.

    To rehabilitate, reintegrate and empower those impacted by the conflict and HIV/AIDS in Northern Uganda.

    Friends of Orphans aim to do this through education, health, and peace-building activities.


    The vision is ‘a society in which the vulnerable are empowered to achieve their full potential and contribute to the development of their community.’Goal of FRO games and sportsUse the power of sports to relieve human suffering through soliciting for assistance and creating awareness.

    Objectives /purposes of games and sports

    The main aim of this program is to use games and sports as a vehicle for community development. The whole generation of the Acholi community have never known peace,  as they have grown up under violence environment for the last 21 years.

    • To use games and sports activities to strengthen psychosocial well-being and improve the social integration of former child soldiers, abductees, child mothers, orphans and youth Pader IDP camps, Northern Uganda.
    • To help social reintegration of the war affected children and youth into the community through forging an understanding between orphans, former child soldiers and the community.
    • To foster friendship and build a spirit of team work among orphans, former child soldiers and other children in the community.
    • For health purposes; physical and mental health.Develop, encourage and Promote, game and sports in Northern Uganda.
    • Provide and coordinate technical information on all matters concerning games and sports.
    • Break the circle of violence in the community especially among the children.

    “We are absolutely delighted to start our work in Northern Uganda in 2010.  We are grateful to FRO for giving us the opportunity to work with their wonderful volunteers and look forward to learning from their organization aswell as contributing to their Soccer for Social Development program.”  Nick Gates, Global Strategist.