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    GOALS Armenia   –   ACER Brasil   –   training4changeS

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    Purposeful Play: Creating Education Outside the Classroom

    Coaches Across Continents is proud to recognize the first-ever recipients of our global Organizational Accreditation Program in Purposeful Play and Education Outside the Classroom.  GOALS Armenia, ACER Brasil, and training4changeS (South Africa) have demonstrated organizational growth and capacity-building through partnership with CAC to create legacies of social change based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through Purposeful Play.  They are being recognized as model organizations within CAC’s global partnership network; a network that covers 60 countries, impacting over 16 million children.

    In January, 2019 Coaches Across Continents launched the world’s first-ever Organizational Accreditation Program in Purposeful Play and Education Outside the Classroom. For accreditation, these groups engaged with their CAC Process Consultants to develop their organizations through our 28 Strategic Resources that include: Creating a Theory of Change Model, Designing a Women’s Rights Policy, Monitoring & Evaluation Process Consultancy, Child and Community-Based Protection Training, and more.

    GOALS Armenia, ACER Brasil, and training4changeS are CAC partners that have their staff and On-Field educators certified in CAC’s Self-Directed Learning Methodology and Purposeful Play: Creating Education Outside the Classroom.

    With the help of Corporate Partnerships and Foundations such as Games 4 Good, Michael Johnson Young Leaders, Soccer Sisters, and Beyond Sport these three remarkable organizations were able to make history as the world’s first ever accredited organizations in Purposeful Play and Education Outside the Classroom.

    GOALS Armenia, ACER Brasil, and Training4changeS are truly making the world a better place through Purposeful Play.  It is CAC’s honor to recognize them with this accreditation.  We look forward to other organizations with CAC’s global network joining this elite trio by engaging in CAC’s year-round strategic resources and delivering Purposeful Play in their communities.


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    GOALS Armenia

    training4changeS (South Africa)

    ACER Brasil

  • Campana Sonora

    April 11th, 2019. Community Impact Coach, Jesus Valenzuela writes about his experience in Mexico, working with SEC in Sonora.

    Sonora, estado de México con mucha historia y con personas grandiosas que hacen de sus ciudades que la energía siempre este a tope. Hermosillo, San Luis Río Colorado y Navojoa, el calor en estas tres ciudades es bastante fuerte como lo son los maestros de Educación Física que sin duda mostraron el gran compromiso que tienen en conjunto con FESAC y la Secretaria de Educación y Cultura para tener mejor calidad de vida por medio del juego y deporte.

    Durante la semana en cada una de las ciudades, los maestros mostraron una energía excepcional lo cual dice mucho del impacto que tienen sus clases en las escuelas y sobre todo el impacto que dejan en cada uno de los niños y niñas a los que imparten la clase de Educación Física. Los problemas más comunes son; embarazos a temprana edad, obesidad, bullying y el tema del muro e inmigrantes fue un tema que los maestros comentaron. Estoy seguro de que estos son problemas que se estan viviendo en muchas partes del mundo y que sin duda alguna el deporte siempre será la herramienta universal para tratar de contrarrestar estos y más problemas, estoy seguro de que los maestros son agentes de cambio que hacen y seguirán trabajando para el impacto social.

    Cada maestro que conocimos durante las semanas ha dejado una huella en nosotros y estamos seguros de que son los agentes de cambio ideales para que los niños, niñas y jóvenes sean cada día mejores, resuelvan sus problemas de la mejor manera para tener mejores comunidades y así enfrentar los nuevos retos que se presentan en la sociedad.

    Sin duda, Sonora ha sido una muy grata experiencia, nos han recibido con los brazos abiertos y siempre con una sonrisa. En cada una de las semanas nos hicieron sentir como en casa con sus aportaciones, sus comidas, sobre todo su carne asada, tacos y las famosas coyotas como postre en cada comida.  El cerro de la campana en Hermosillo nos demostró de lo que la naturaleza es capaz de lograr, rocas gigantes que con una piedra pequeña puede hacer el sonido de una campana y por último no puedo dejar pasar el Beisbol, principal deporte de Sonora. Estamos muy contentos de ser parte de Sonora por estas semanas y dejar una semilla a través del juego y deporte para que la hagan germinar con sus conocimientos, habilidades y aprendizajes a lo largo de la semana y que florezcan los resultados para tener mejores comunidades, mejores líderes, un mejor México, un mejor mundo.

  • #BuiltToPlay with ESPN in Sydney

    February 28th 2019. We are delighted to announce our collaboration with ESPN/Disney, and other incredible partners in Sydney, Australia as part of their global Built to Play project.

    Today, Coaches Across Continents were delighted to be present at the official opening of a new, multifunctional sports space in Mount Druitt, Sydney, Australia. The first of its kind that ESPN/Disney has done in Sydney and the eighth Built to Play project globally. The space, built by community volunteers and ESPN and Disney employees, is designed to provide a safe place to play for the surrounding community, as well as offer ongoing programming using the power of sports to educate young people on key local issues. The event included music, special cultural performances, and a ribbon cutting ceremony, followed by a showcase of the programming that will occur onsite. The project is led by ESPN and The Walt Disney Company, in collaboration with Education Outside the Classroom organizations, love.futbol, Coaches Across Continents and PCYC Mt Druitt.

    CAC is proud to be a part of this ESPN/Disney #BuiltToPlay initiative that brings a Love.Fútbol safe space and CAC’s Purposeful Play to PCYC Mt. Druitt to benefit tens of thousands of children and their families for years to come. – Brian Suskiewicz, Chief Executive, CAC

    As well as showcasing CAC’s work during the inauguration, our Chief Executive Brian Suskiewicz will be running a Purposeful Play training program for PCYC coaches, teachers and community leaders over the next 3 days on the new pitches. We will then work closely with the PCYC to implement programming around key social topics identified by them over the next 10 months. Topics include community re-integration, gender equality, conflict prevention, health and substance abuse. The project will also include opportunities for ESPN employees in Sydney to engage with the PCYC, CAC and the community initiative throughout 2019.

    Because of #BuiltToPlay we have the potential ability to further develop our programming regarding youth guidance in education, safety, and core values to another level. – Lance Chaloner, Senior Club Manager at PCYC Mt. Druitt

  • CAC Partners with Pathfinder International to launch educational hub in Tanzania, Summer 2019

    Coaches Across Continents and Pathfinder International announce a unique partnership that uses Purposeful Play and Education Outside the Classroom to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights. The first project has begun in Tanzania and includes the development of a Purposeful Play Curriculum that addresses four main components: Knowledge of sexual and reproductive rights; Household environment; Community responsibility; and Conservation; as well as an Educational Hub for 20 key leaders to be held in Zanzibar, and local programs in selected Tanzanian communities.

    Pathfinder is a global leader in the advancement of sexual and reproductive health and rights, and Coaches Across Continents is the 2018 Winner of the Beyond Sport Global Impact Award. The combined expertise of these two organizations will allow the program to provide resources and education specifically tailored towards teenage girls, boys, and young families. The Trotula Fund is a proud supporter of this collaboration and the first project in Tanzania.


    “We are excited to be supporting the partnership of Coaches Across Continents and Pathfinder International, two organizations that have a long and rich history in working with adolescents and young people in Tanzania. Being able to couple sport, athletics, and sexual and reproductive health care to promote young people’s ability to choose their own future is a great opportunity. We view this as the first step of many in this partnership.”  

    – Judy Kahrl, The Trotula Fund

    “The Coaches Across Continents collaboration with Pathfinder International is a groundbreaking partnership that will advance the lives of children, women and entire communities in Tanzania. The innovative and effective methods of CAC coupled with Pathfinder International’s technical ability to enhance sexual and reproductive rights is an inspiring union. The collaboration exemplifies their authentic commitment to progressing human rights globally. I am honored to support this partnership in fighting what is with what ought to be.”

    – Margaret “Midge” Purce, Professional Soccer Player for the Portland Thorns of the National Women’s Soccer League, former All-Star for Harvard Women’s Soccer, and proud Coaches Across Continents Supporter.

    “This is an exciting moment for Coaches Across Continents. Working with Pathfinder on this new project will enrich communities throughout Tanzania and around the world in ways we’ve yet to see through other partnerships. The collective impact of our resources and experience in the fields of education, global health, sport and gender equity will see unique strategies in play to advance several UN Sustainable Development Goals such as 3: Health and Wellbeing, 4: Quality Education and 5: Gender Equality. We are thrilled to be at the center of this transformative program.”

    – Nora Dooley, ASK for Choice and Community and Government Partnerships Manager, Coaches Across Continents

    For more information about this groundbreaking collaboration please contact ashlyn@coachesacrosscontinents.org


  • Some Much Needed ‘Girl Determined’ Time

    February 11th, 2019. CAC Community Impact Coach Jaspreet Kaur of YFC Rurka Kalan in Punjab, India joined CAC ASK for Choice Strategist Nora Dooley in Myanmar last December to work with CAC’s ASK for Choice Partner, Girl Determined. Nora and Jaspreet both share more about their experiences here.
    I have been working with CAC for over 5 years. For the majority of that time my focus has been on our ASK – Attitudes, Skills, and Knowledge – for Choice program for women’s rights and gender equality. At the end of 2018 I spent an intense month traveling through Asia working with different partners. For 2 weeks I was the only woman present at some of our trainings – for reasons we know very well, and work every day to change. After these 2 weeks I have never been more aware of my identity as a Woman. I then spent one week with Girl Determined and – to put it simply – felt a welcome sense of ‘home’ in a place I had never been before.
    The Girl Determined team of incredible women from all over Myanmar came together for an intense week of training in the northern Kachin State. We integrated CAC on-field activities with Girl Determined strategies for designing new games, developing volleyball skills and learning more about leadership. This was our first year partnering with Girl Determined and we are excited to have them as part of the CAC network. We know from experience in similar contexts how difficult it can be to create spaces for women and girls to safely and confidently play and express themselves. From what I can see, Girl Determined not only achieves this each day but also have grown over the years to engage more girls and women from diverse backgrounds as leaders. It was also – personally and professionally – an immense privilege to experience and support my co-facilitator, Jaspreet, as she shared her knowledge, skills and Punjabi culture with the participants and staff. I’ll let her say more!
    My name is Jaspreet Kaur. I have been working with YFC as a Senior Training and Monitoring officer and Manager of Sports for Development Field since September 2013. I have attended 4 trainings of CAC on different domains and now I am working with CAC as a Community Impact Coach (CIC) from 2017.

    I would like to express my gratitude to Coaches Across Continents organization who gave me an amazing chance to attend the training program in Myanmar. This is the first International exposure for me as a CIC. This journey was one I will always remember. I got the chance to work with expert facilitator Nora Dooley. Everything was new for me, the language was totally different and the participants enjoyed the activities. I enjoyed the training field because the training area is situated between the hills.
    In this training me and Nora delivered the activities. Through this training I feel more confident than before. I have learned many coaching tips from this training such as how we can manage a large group of participants and different ways to use your voice as a coach. With Girl Determined we focused on topics such as Leadership, communication, healthy choices, women’s rights and adaptation of activities.
    This was the first time I visited Myanmar country. I got a chance to learn about Myanmar’s culture, food, clothing and things which are famous of the Kachin state. This was great exposure for me for new learning experiences, most beneficial for my coaching field. This trip will be unforgettable for me. I would like the express thank you of Aleta, Brooke and other staff from Girl Determined organization who gave us amazing gift from Kachin.
  • CAC Launches Organizational Accreditation Program

    WATERTOWN, MA, USA  Coaches Across Continents is proud to announce the first-ever global Organizational Accreditation Program in Purposeful Play and Education Outside the Classroom.

    Becoming an accredited organization will improve that organizations ability to create sustainable change based on the UNSDGs, to find and secure funding and award opportunities, to enhance brand reputation, and more.

    Once accredited, partners will receive additional support from Coaches Across Continents including substantial joint-funding opportunities, educational travel and leadership development, global recognition, and high-level networking.

    There are two distinct levels:  Accreditation and Advanced Accreditation. Coaches Across Continents is committed to working with their partners to design a pathway towards accreditation status.

    To read the full press release, please click here: