• BoyChild Agenda Gets Creative

    March 10th 2016. Our week on the coast of Lake Victoria in Mbita, Kenya was filled with many good, and not only chapati related, things. Among the more memorable, I was given my first official motorcycle driving lesson and did not crash into Lake Victoria. However… our Community Impact Coach, Phelix Aloo, would be the first to point out that I did somewhat stumble off the side of the road in front of a dozen or so perplexed villagers. Still, where’s the learning experience without the mistake? This lake I successfully avoided, the largest in Africa, is an understandable pillar of Mbita’s community. It provides transport, food, water and a certain kind of climate. One of the not-so-positive side effects lies in its power to pull children away from school to spend their days fishing. Fighting for these children’s rights to education is one of the focuses of BoyChild and was one of the biggest issues that we worked on during our week in Mbita.

    Phelix goes on to describe his experience as a returning member of the Coaches Across Continents family.

    “It was a week of much excitement and fun being around the creative minds of the very active coaches that we had for our week working in the community of Mbita. Our host organization, BoyChild, works to link groups in the community together to create space for sustainable development and especially to fight for child rights.

    With us on the field were coaches who brought with them a creative spirit that meshed perfectly with CAC’s idea of Self-Directed Learning.

    On our second to last day of the program we saw our participants creating their own games to address different social issues that they felt were important. It was great and quite astonishing that they had gelled the lessons they had learned through the partnership to making their own games.”

    The creativity of these coaches was even more evident in the support systems they’ve created with their fellow community members. We can’t wait to see how these networks will expand in the years to come.