• Bulldogs and CAC in Bindura, Zimbabwe

    DSC_0372October 14, 2013. After a hot week in Mutare, group leader Sophie Legros led the team that had just coached with S4S, Jon Dickinson, Becca Meierbachtol, and Danielle Foxhoven about 6 hours away into rural Zimbabwe. On September 23rd they drove into a small town called Bindura to join forces with a very impactful group of highly motivated organization, Bulldogs Sports Development Trust.

    In Bindura our CAC coaches stocked up for the week and then continued to drive another 10km into Manhenga region. They met their host families for the week and got settled in just in time to have a good nights rest before starting the week of training on Monday. The volunteer coaches were split into two groups because of the programs’ schedules. Jon and Becca coached in Bindura urban area, while Sophie and Dani coached in Manhenga rural area.

    Jon and Becca had 46 men and women attend their weeks’s sessions. They also had one of Zimbabwe’s Community Impact Coach helping them, Stanford. Becca and Jon left every afternoon at 12 to walk to the Main Street where they would catch a combi into Bindura for their session at 2. It was the first year of training for this group of community leaders and coaches. They were taught 7-10 games every day. The games ranged from HIV/AIDs awareness and prevention games to team building and communication games. The coaches brought a great attitude and with it an incredible aptitude for taking in lessons from all of the games being taught!

    Sophie and Dani had about 20 men and women attending their weeks’s sessions. It was the second year for most the Manhenga rural area coaches. Sophie and Dani also had the help of Zimbabwe’s other Community Impact Coach, Shepard. The program was run in the heat of the day from 2 until 4 everyday. The same time that the children who attended Wyerera Primary were being released for the day, so every day they had an audience of at least 200 children. The adults and community leaders were well prepared with water and hats in order to keep their smiles and energy up while working hard to learn all of the games our CAC coaches were teaching!

    After 7 hours of on field training the community leaders were confident during their coach back sessions and were elated as they were given their certificates ensuring they completed the weeks trainings! Needless to say they were excited to implement their newest skill sets on the field with the children!