• Bulldogs and CAC Team up Again

    image_1Oct. 16, 2013. Another week spent with Bulldogs Sports Development Trust but this week, our CAC coaches, Sophie Legros, Becca Meierbachtol, and Danielle Foxhoven helped Bulldog’s coaches in Harare, Zimbabwe.

    What a good week it was! The week started out Monday morning with 20
    excited coaches and community leaders from all around Harare. Contrary
    to Zimbabwe summer weather, the rains hit hard and the first day was spent in the primary school gym. Walking soccer was the biggest hit of the day.

    The majority of the coaches in the program were higher level coaches from all sport disciplines. There was softball, volleyball, tennis and of course some soccer coaches that attended. All of the coaches were there with the same vision, to better their coaching techniques in order to address the biggest issues they see in their communities and to better reach the children that they coach.

    Our CAC coaches spent 13 hours in 5 days going over games that could be adaptable to all sports and still address the deepest issues within the communities here in Zimbabwe.

    The last day of full training proved to be one of the best response we have seen to the Coaches Across Continents games here in Zimbabwe. The HIV/AIDS and alcohol abuse games opened up many discussions and questions for all of the coaches to discuss. They found that they were all dealing with similar problems and many of them had solutions that could be shared. All of the coaches, CAC coaches included, came away from the program feeling more educated and inspired to help make changes, big or small.

    Friday came with high amounts of excitement as it marked the end of CAC’s time in Zimbabwe for this year. As well as the beginning of an impactful career as a CAC impact coach for the newly certified coaches in Harare, Zimbabwe. Let the easiest part of being a coach end and the most difficult but also the most gratifying part of being a coach begin, the responsibility and path to real change in a community.



  1. habil nanjero says: October 16, 2013 at 6:18 amReply

    That was a great job i believe you had a good session , am imagining how it was on the field behide you coz its too sandy good job people