• Buwate Youth Sports Academy SHINES ON!

    March 12th, 2013.  Coaches Across Continents have finished their Hat-Trick Initiative with Buwate Youth Sports Academy, but that doesn’t mean sport for social impact has stopped there. This past Women’s Day Buwate celebrated with addressing an issue that is most times hidden in communities.

    After many young girls, and young women in their community came forward describing horrible situations where they were succumbed to give sexual advances for employement, Buwate Youth Sports Academy didn’t want it to be a silent issue any longer. They invited women of all ages to their academy for netball and football games on Women’s Day playing Marta Games from CAC’s curriculum, and addressing the issue of unfair employment. They had women share stories of employment issues, and the harsh realities of being a women and having to deal with sexual advances from people in power.  They let the women speak up and speak out that they won’t be quiet when treated unfairly and they will stand up for their rights!

    Buwate Sports Academy ended their Women’s Day passing out clothes, shoes, books and soap donated by Universal Aid Society of Canada.