• CAC Back in Njombe, Tanzania

    P1040952October 18, 2013.  CAC coaches Sophie Legros, Danielle Foxhoven and Becca Meierbachtol left Zimbabwe after three weeks of programming and headed North to Tanzania. Tanzania was host to the first ever Coaches Across Continents program in 2008. They were met at the airport by one of CAC’s best community impact coaches, Nico Achimpota and some of his team members. They headed out the next morning on an 11 hour bus ride from Dar Es Salaam to a smaller city in the mountains called Njombe.

    Tuesday morning they got right to work as they met all of the education department members  in the Njombe community before starting the daily 4 hour morning session. Every afternoon was spent coaching a group of girls from a primary school. What a great experience for the team! The coaches covered new skills and averaged 7 new games and social messages every morning!

    Our CAC staff and the community coaches ended the Njombe program with a 45 minute game between coaches and what a competitive and fun match it turned out to be! Nico, despite having suffered a potentially week ending pulled hip flexor, had his glory moment as a foul was called on the edge of the penalty area which he converted on a beautiful free kick!

    After the game was over the head of Njombe’s education department gave a well worded speech inspiring everyone to work hard to implement the games and social messages that were covered throughout the week. Needless to say we are excited to see what the teachers and coaches in Njombe can do over the next year!

    Lastly, the day was finished with CAC and One World Futbol leaving 4 balls with the community to get them started on the games until a shipment can arrive for all of the primary and secondary schools in Njombe. It was the perfect ending to a great week for our CAC coaches and the newest members to the educated CAC coaches!


  1. Denis Nzumile says: October 26, 2013 at 5:04 amReply

    Sophie,Dan and Becca were in Njombe Town Council They have done good job for us I met the at Dar es saalam airport.Nico as impact coach he supported us.The program is good for our students teachers and the community.
    I m Denis Nzumile, Sports officer.
    Njombe Town Council

  2. Denis Nzumile says: October 26, 2013 at 5:25 amReply

    I would like to thank Coaches Across Continent Organization for sending us committed Coaches Sophie,Becca and Dan also an impact coach Nico Achimpota,and we thank them for giving us the four balls which will help to develop training those 25 primary school girls at Mpechi Primary school we have selected as an area of study.