• CAC’s ’12 Days of Christmas’ Gifts

    fro-paderNovember 13th 2013. Beginning on November the 20th Coaches Across Continents will be giving you the chance to donate equipment to under served communities all over the World. Each day of our 12 days of Christmas will propose a new special offer which you can choose to help bring the happiness of play to children globally. In return you will be sent a certificate of appreciation which you can then give to someone as a Christmas present. On certain days there will also be the option to purchase sports equipment to give as a gift on Christmas this year.

    The equipment which you donate, including One World Futbol’s are brand new and will be taken to the communities throughout 2014. This means that you will regularly be able to access information on the donation on our blog, facebook and twitter. The certificate you receive via email can be written in your name or in someone else’s name as a great gift. Furthermore, if you purchase brand new sports equipment it will be shipped to you on December the 10th to ensure that you can then use them as Christmas presents.

    This is a great opportunity to donate to a great cause and provide new equipment to communities who don’t have access to sports gear. Donating is an ideal way to give a meaningful gift and make a difference to under served communities.

    Remember November the 20th, one weeks time, our 12 Days of Christmas begins. There will be daily updates on our website, facebook and twitter. Check back for the perfect Christmas present offers

    Also, don’t forget to go through this Fundinco.org link when you are buying Christmas presents on Amazon to donate to Coaches Across Continents at no extra cost to your purchase!