Standard Chartered Bank Case Study

Coaches Across Continents was a corporate partner with Standard Chartered Bank from 2011-2013. Together we Designed, Developed, and Implemented their Financial Literacy Program "Kicking 4 Change" as well as their On-Field female empowerment GOAL Programme.


Design Standard Chartered Banks Kicking for Change and GOAL Programme curriculums, and empower their employees to deliver trainings in five key markets.


- Created 10 individualized games based on educating children about a key corporate mission: Financial Literacy
- Further developed a full curriculum consisting of 4 key modules to use in their female empowerment curriculum: Be Empowered, Be Yourself, Be Money Savvy, and Be Healthy


- Implemented new curriculums by working directly with thousands of SCB employees in five key markets: Ghana, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Tanzania.
- Event day which incorporated national media, government officials, and Liverpool ambassadors such as Ian Rush.

Standard Chartered Bank Legacy

- Five Countries
- Thousands of employees
- Hundreds of Thousands of Children
- Priceless media coverage