• Chamwino District and CAC team up one more time.

    October 25, 2013. In celebration of one of CACs volunteer’s birthday on October 14th, team leader, Sophie Legros, Community impact coach Nico Achimpota, Danielle Foxhoven and birthday girl Becca Meierbachtol, started their program in Chamwino, Tanzania. They were greeted, surprisingly on “European time” (which means the coaches arrived on time to the field) by over 40 coaches, teachers and community leaders who were eager to start the program.
    The program started Monday morning and ended Thursday afternoon. Despite there being national and religious holidays on two of those days, the attendance stayed strong and even increased throughout the week. Our coaches trained four hours each morning going through 8-10 games a day!
    In the evenings they coached a U12 girls group from the Chamwino community. Eight of the girls in the group had recently returned from the national tournament, Copa Coca Cola. It was a thrill for our coaches to pass on the best of their coaching skills to give the girls encouragement to be the best soccer players and people they could be.
    The end of the week came with great anticipation for our CAC coaches and the coaches in the program. After 16 hours of training in four days in the heat they were exhausted from all of the hard work, but they were more eager to return to their schools and teams to implement the new games and social messaages they learned. The same as the week in Njombe, the program finished with a 30 minute match between coaches in the program. It ended in a nail biting penalty shootout with team Simba taking the cup! A dance party, of course, ensued after the game was won!
    Another successful week for CAC and Tanzanian partners! We look forward to another year with our Tanzanian groups!

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