• Coaches Across Continents announces a ground breaking partnership with TactX.

    February 3rd, 2012 Coaches Across Continents is delighted to begin working closely with TactX to deliver innovative coaching support to our local partner programs. TactX is revolutionary new football animation software that will enable Coaches Across Continents staff to offer state-of-the-art 24/7 support to communities all around the world.

    The TactX program allows our staff to share our unique Coaches Across Continents, Football for Social Development games and images using instant 3D animated graphics. The program is user friendly and once games are created and saved, they can be easily accessible with an offline tool. This means that games which are saved as movie files can then be taken to the communities to share with other coaches and players. Simple to complex games can be created and can be viewed from multiple angles of the field.

    TactX 3D Images

    Working with TactX permits CAC to share our unique Chance to Choice curriculum in 3D to communities all over the world. The CAC staff has already begun creating the games in 3D and is looking forward to sharing them with community program leaders. TactX is also an integral tool for CAC’s monitoring and evaluation program.  All CAC coaches and partner program’s coaches will become members of the TactX board, a social network program that acts as a platform for the sharing of games, advice and information among group members. Coaches will be able to ask questions to CAC coaches as well as to their fellow coaches in their communities and from neighboring countries.

    Coaches in Liberia

    As stated on their website, TactX is confident that their animation program will change the lives of all coaches at all levels. Brian Suskiewicz, Coaches Across Continent’s on field strategist, commented after completing two TactX trainings, “the TactX program is a groundbreaking program that will give our partner coaches the tools to take their programs to the next levels. The program is user friendly and the support from TactX personnel is remarkable.  Coaches Across Continents couldn’t be happier with partnering with such a global leader like TactX”.

    Coaches Across Continents is committed to creating social change through effective learning and local sustainability and undoubtedly this partnership pushes this objective forward in a positive direction.