• Coaches across Continents to help urban soccer programs in the US

    Original Post: 9/19/2009

    Coaches across Continents begins work to help urban communities in the US on April 23rd by running a ‘coach education training program’ at the Urban Soccer Collaboration Convention in Washington DC.  Additionally, Coaches across Continents have designed a curriculum for the US Soccer Foundation PASS BACK Tour around US cities starting in April.

    “We are delighted to help urban communities in the US by sharing our curriculum and our cascade model whereby ‘Coaches coach Coaches to educate Children’.  The current state of the economy means that there are many children in our country that need our help.  The USC is an amazing organization that helps urban programs and are building upon the Obama plan to help US communities”.  Steve Bowsher, Board of Directors, Coaches across Continents.

    The issues that will be taught at the DC convention will include Soccer against Gang Violence, Soccer for Healthy Lifestyle, Soccer against Drugs and Soccer for Female Empowerment.  The unique training games curriculum at Coaches across Continents allows children to learn and discuss these issues while playing fun and educational soccer games.

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