• Coaches across Continents to meet FIFA and StreetFootballWorld in South Africa.

    Original Post: 9/19/2009

    Coaches across Continents is delighted to accept an invitation to meet with FIFA and StreetFootballWorld in Vaal, South Africa as part of the Football for Hope Symposium.  The symposium gives programs the chance to learn about issues like Football for Social Development and Football against HiV along with great lectures from leading experts in CSR and NGO development.

    “We are extremely honored to have been invited to attend this event and to continue to learn from global experts.  Our program is evolving rapidly and it is a great opportunity to listen and learn as well as share best practises.  We are very grateful to have this opportunity to share http://cialisvsviagracomparison.com/ four great days with some of the leading experts in football and football education”

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