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  • Published Methodology and Theory of Change

  • We Design Curriculum to Address the UNSDG's


Coaching 17

Coaching 17 educates active citizens and strengthens organizations to create sustainable social impact in their communities.

Vision - A world where all communities use Purposeful Play to create Education Outside the Classroom.

Mission - To deliver Purposeful Play globally, and to accredit both organizations and coaches to deliver Purposeful Play and Education Outside the Classroom to address the UN SDGs in their own communities.

Purpose - To equip individuals, organizations, and communities with the knowledge and skills to become Active Citizens, solve problems, and be #PartoftheSolution in addressing the UN SDGs and the Rights of Children everywhere.

Core Activities

Accreditation of Organization:

We take all our partner organizations on a journey which helps to build their capacity to impact their communities. There are three categories to organizational accreditation: Safeguarding, Professional Development and Purposeful Play Culture, each with 4-6 strategic resources. They must complete all strategic resources in all three categories to receive CAC Organizational Accreditation. Organization Accreditation Pathway 2023

Accreditation of Coaches

Coach Accreditation is a journey that CAC and our Community Impact Coaches take together, from our initial meeting and sharing of common goals, through the process of on-field and virtual support to develop a deep understanding of the core principles valued for CAC’s coaching methodology and a strong foundation of underpinning knowledge of UN SDGs. Our accredited coaches are recognized as experts in the delivery of Purposeful Play in the field of sport for development. Coach Accreditation Pathway 2023

Global Day of Play

The Global Day of Play was created by Coaches Across Continents and is celebrated on August 27th each year. This key day is a time for people to just Play, and to take the #PledgetoPlayEveryday where they find time each and every day to include Play in their lives. Click here for more

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