• Crimson Across Continents: Harvard University creating a global social legacy through Soccer

    Harvard Women's soccer supports Coaches Across Continents

    March 12th, 2012:  Coaches Across Continents are delighted to announce that 13 Harvard Soccer players and alumni will be working with our Soccer for Social Development programs in Africa and Asia in 2012.

    Jaren LaGrecca – 2011, Kevin Harrington – 2014, William Giahos – 2014,  Tyler Evans – 2015, Christina Hagner – 2010, Gina Wideroff – 2011,  Mel Baskind – 2012, Sophie Legros – 2012, Claudia Haeussler – 2013,  Peyton Johnson – 2014,  Jessica Wright – 2014,  Cheta Emba – 2015 and Lauren Urke – 2015 will be part of programs in Cameroon, India, Kenya,  Namibia, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

    Harvard Men's Soccer supports Coaches Across Continents

    Assistant athletic director Tim Wheaton will also be traveling to Africa to be part of a Football for Social Development program.

    “Over the past 3 years more than 25 players and alums have volunteered their time and Harvard Soccer with Special Olympics and Coaches Across Continents Namibiaskills to work at a Coaches Across Continents program.  That is a fantastic effort by the Harvard soccer community and it has been incredibly important in the success of our programs.  We’d like to thank Carl and Ray for their support and everyone working with the Harvard Athletics department for all their efforts”  Nick Gates ’91 Founder, Coaches Across Continents.