• Demosphere chooses Coaches across Continents for the third year.

    December 21st, 2009.

    LogoSince January 2008, communities in more than 104 countries around the world have viewed the Coaches across Continents web site. Each one of our program partners have contacted us through our web site and in 2009, more than 27,000 children were able to become part of our our educational programs through soccer.

    Our web site is our most important communicating tool and we would like to thank Demosphere for working closely with us and supporting our efforts. Demosphere International , Inc is the leading provider of web based administrative tools for soccer and other sports organizations. We are delighted that in 2010, that we will again be working with Demosphere to develop a web site that allows communities all around the world to learn about our programs.

    “I’d like to thank Carol and everyone at Demosphere for their total support of Coaches across Continents since 2008.Seamus Malin It has been a great Social Responsibility partnership and has benefited both our organizations. We appreciate everything that Demosphere has done to help us bring our programs to teachers and children in developing communities around the world” Seams Malin, Board of Directors.