• Equipment Across Continents in Jamaica

    January 7th 2014. Coaches Across Continents haven’t only brought sustainable social change to communities globally in 2014. We have also donated over $54,200 worth of sports equipment to our partners and other organizations in disadvantaged communities in 2014. In November we donated $33,080 worth of equipment to a partner in Jamaica.

    This donation included different types of sports equipment such as soccer jerseys, shorts, socks, zip jackets, soccer balls, backpacks and shoulder bags. The equipment has been and will be used by children and young people in the community. In Jamaica the equipment donated will be used to kit out a full youth soccer league for boys and girls. Without it there was no way for any of these leagues to take place leading to children unable to play organized soccer.  A lack of equipment holds back many of our community partners who are always keen to provide their community with the equipment needed to play sport. By making these donations we can help many disadvantaged communities bring happiness to local youth through the power of play.

    In order to make these donations we rely on people buying sports equipment from our warehouse. We have bags, cheerleading shoes, jackets, t-shirts, shorts, socks and balls in all sizes for teams and individuals looking to purchase sports equipment. To make an inquiry about purchasing discount sports equipment from CAC and helping us to give more to disadvantaged communities such as those in Jamaica please email