• Every CAC Week Is Different

    June 7th 2016. Cameron Hardington writes about his 2nd time volunteering with CAC in Colombia with Colombianitos

    I arrived in Colombia for my second time volunteering with Coaches Across Continents feeling much more confident than I did for my first stint in Africa. I’ve been through the program and am aware of what to expect, and also know how CAC operates on the field. What I was quickly reminded of, however, was that each experience with this organization is a unique one. This is not just because I’m in a different country or culture than my previous time, but that each community we work with has their own needs and interests. Rather than having a rigid structure of what to do each week, CAC adapts to the needs expressed by each community which makes for a more dynamic coaching and learning experience. It’s one reason why I enjoy volunteering so much.

    This past week, unsurprisingly, brought new challenges to overcome in regards to scheduling and organization. We scheduled a program with Colombianitos in Barbosa. They were less familiar with our work than previous programs. This to me was an advantage as we got to teach a wide range of our games to show what CAC does.

    The group we worked with was small but they were all passionate and eager to learn. One game that I particularly enjoyed coaching was a game called Earth, Wind, and Water. It’s a simple game of football with three goals, but when a team scores a goal, it gets taken away. The game is meant to show how pollution (the ball) can pollute your resources, and once you lose your resources, they are gone for good. The group was very receptive and this game, and one coach named Cesar particularly enjoyed it and used it to coach to his kids on Friday.

    It was a joy to see these coaches willing to incorporate some of the games that we taught them so quickly, and hopefully we will get the chance to work with them again next year in greater depth. For me this week was also a perfect example of how there is rarely a similar week with CAC.

    It’s refreshing for me to experience that, and it’s why I came back.


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