• First Women’s soccer team for Giving Children Hope Initiative

    March 21st, 2013:  Giving Children Hope Initiative near Kampala, Uganda is a Member Partner of CAC and have participated in numerous CAC programs and celebrated International Women’s Day. (GCHI) is a child-focused organization that has a specific women section that deals with underprivileged women teaching them about many social issues, and creating many opportunities within the community for them. Once the women are in the program they not only gain knowledge but they also act as mentors to younger children in the GCHI organization.

    This year Giving Children Hope Initiative celebrated Women’s Day by launching a first ever women’s soccer team in the region with more than 40 girls. They not only started their first ever women’s soccer team, but they also launched two new women’s groups in their program to better reach out to the community and had speakers come out addressing major issues on sexual harassment and gender based violence.