• Globalbike.org partner with Coaches across Continents in Nairobi

    February 9th, 2011.

    globalbike.org have made a significant donation to help Coaches across Continents in Nairobi, Kenya.  The donation of bikes helps our local partner coaches move from program sites in a more efficient manner and will allow more children to benefit from the soccer for social development work.

    Global Bike has a simple mission: use the transformative power of bikes to create positive social change in the developing world.

    Now approaching our five-year anniversary, globalbike has just accepted our greatest challenge to date – 100 bikes to youth groups in Kenya. What makes this challenge so exciting is we will be on the ground to deliver the bikes and record the amazing process with film and stories.  These 100 bikes will be used to provide HIV/AIDS education, safety networks for youth groups in depressed parts of Nairobi, prevention of environmental degradation, income generating activities, and various leadership building activities.  The globalbike Kenya team will consist of two professional cyclists from Team Globalbike and three founding members of the globalbike organization.  Over the course of the three-week trip, we will travel through Kenya and Tanzania with recipients of the bikes, and assist those in need in villages along the way.

    Globalbike would like for our friends and sponsors to have the special opportunity to be a part of this trip.  We are selling bikes for $250.  With a purchase of a bike you or your business will be recognized in all print and video marketing.  In addition, there is the opportunity for our group to record a special video message about the bike(s) and rider(s) that you sponsor.   The BEST news is that we have already secured support for over 60 bikes.

    This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for both globalbike and our sponsors.  We know that bikes save lives!  Globalbike has proven this over the past few years in countries throughout Africa and South America. With a contribution of a bike, you or your business will be recognized in all print and video marketing along the course of our journey. Bike sponsors would receive ample public recognition through traditional and innovative media, and a social return on an investment that cannot be measured – saving lives with two wheels. Why should this matter to us here and now? It is well expressed by the African concept of Ubuntu: “I am what I am because of who we all are.”  As we give of ourselves, we improve the world around us.  The trip is scheduled for February and March of 2011, so time is of the essence!

    “We have selected our partner group VAP in the Eastlands area of Nairobi for this fantastic donation from globalbike.  We would like to thank Curt and all his team for helping our program and for all his hard work.  These bikes will allow VAP to reach even more children and grow their work in HIV Behaviour Change”  Ciaran McArdle, Business Advisory Board Coaches across Continents.