• Goal 1: Adding our 6th FIFA Street Football World Partner: Slum Soccer India.

    March 7th, 2011.  Slum Soccer India becomes the 6th FIFA Street Football World partner for Coaches across Continents with the partnership scheduled for November 2011.

    KVSN (Slum Soccer) exists to offer opportunities and motivation to slum dwelling, disadvantaged and homeless children and young adults. We use football as a tool for social improvement, increased self worth and education, whilst providing a platform for all players to demonstrate and improve their level of performance in sports as well as education.

    This year we aim build on our ongoing and successful programs, while at the same time expanding Slum Soccer’s reach to new sites within Nagpur and the surrounding area with a view to providing a blueprint to be replicated across India. We hope to dramatically increase the number and the level of our coaching programs by concentrating on Coach Education which will enable us to develop coaches from within our own organization and provide a structured development path for our players. This will enable us to create, run and then evaluate and improve more programs across India than ever before. The players from our very first projects are now ready to progress to become coaches and we want them to meet that challenge. We see this as an evolution of our project.

    We aim to tackle Homelessness, Alcohol and Substance Addiction, HIV/AIDS awareness, Life Skills Imparting, Women’s Empowerment and Health.

    “It has taken nearly two years to put this partnership together with Abhijeet Barse who is an inspirational leader in India.  While we have run pilot programs in India, this will be our first Hat-Trick Initiative with one of the most pro active organizations.”  Nick Gates, Founder, Coaches across Continents.

    Coaches Marisa and Nick will lead the Coaches across Continents team.