• Green Mambas, Fishing Boats, and Ant Hills.

    June 20, 2013.  The final week for the CAC team in Uganda ended in Buwaya District, a small fishing village in the middle of Lake Victoria. The travel each morning consisted of small wooden fishing boats across the lake and boda-bodas (motocycles) across the island to a large green open field in the forest. We would arrive every morning and watch the coaches from the island gather from all different directions of the field, popping up from the forest some of them walking over 3 miles every morning for training.  It didn’t matter if certain coaches walked 1 mile or 3 miles barefoot or with shoes, all of the coaches in Buwaya came with huge smiles everyday eager to learn and play the CAC games. The people of Buwaya are some of the happiest, most giving people we have ever come across.

    The favorite games of the week were the extensive running and physical games including classic Stanford Bridge Tag that became so competitive the whole field was used as a boundary  Jackies Circle was also another well played game where the coaches had to name safe places in the community, and remember movement for those spaces. It became competitive and successful with many coaches wanting to take the lead and make new movements.

    It was a great last week for CAC in Uganda as working in Buwaya was far different from anywhere else we had been. After training sessions we received tours of the fishing and farming areas learning about all the different crops including coffee, sugarcane, and spices. Tasting all the different fruits and fresh fish after each training was definitely a highlight of our trip. Not to mention the green mamba slithering across the grass as we were having our last session with the coaches, and having everyone in the vicinity jump and run.

    The CAC team would had never had the opportunity or made the impact we made in Buwaye if it wasn’t for our Impact Coach Godrey Mugisha, a.k.a. “Moogy.” Moogy is a former Ugandan National team player, and played soccer at University in the state of Virginia. He now runs his own football academy in Uganda and works with all age groups of children. He made it possible for CAC to go to Buwaya and train the coaches who rarely get this opportunity. Moogy, who is fluent in Lugandan was our translator, and tour guide of the island making our last week one of a kind. It is people like Moogy, and the community of Buwaya that make the travel and hard work that goes into CAC worth every part of it.



  1. Tony says: June 24, 2013 at 10:50 amReply

    Wow…i wish we had joined you guys in Buwaya because it was too fun and fantastic plus the exposure. Big UP CAC team