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Education For A Changing World

Coaches Across Continents is a global leader in the sport for social impact movement. Our award-winning corporate partnerships and ‘Hat-Trick Initiative’ consist of comprehensive, year-round organizational development and sport for social impact education that focuses on local issues such as: female empowerment, including gender equity; conflict prevention, including social inclusion; health and wellness, including HIV/AIDS behavior change; child rights; vital life skills; and fun. Our key to success is a unique Self-Directed Learning model that is based on our 'Chance to Choice' and ‘ASK for Choice’ curricula that educate people to identify, address, and solve problems specific to their communities. We mentor organizations and empower communities to question harmful traditional, cultural, and religious practices; responsibly choose their own futures; and create sustainable change. Since 2008, we have worked in 41 countries with 385 implementing community partner programs. Overall, we have educated and certified 18,474 community coaches and directly impacted 2,533,245 young people.


We envision the day when all governments, municipalities, schools and communities have the skills to use sport as a social impact tool and make the choice to do so.


Coaches Across Continents is the global leader in providing year-round educational consultancy and mentorship to create social impact through sport. We design, develop, and implement ‘Education Outside the Classroom’ programs and partnerships with national and local governments, corporations, communities, and NGOs; empowering them to question harmful traditional, religious, and cultural practices; choose their own futures; and create pathways for change.


What inspires us the most:

• The capacity of communities to change
• The need to question tradition, religion and culture
• The opportunity for women to be treated as equals in sport and society
• The unifying nature of sport
• The chance for children to laugh
• The ability for individuals, groups and communities to choose their future

2016 Direct Impacts


28 Participating Countries


90 Implementing Community Partners


1,602 Member Partner Programs


4,615 Certified Community Coaches

1,406,331 Children Directly Impacted in 2016

Since 2008:

41 Participating Countries
385 Implementing Community Partners
4,081 Member Community Partners
18,300 Certified Community Coaches
160,800 On-Field Coaching Education Hours
2,563,879 Children Directly Impacted

$10,395,000 Value of All Year-Round Partnerships