• How We Celebrate International Women’s Day 2012

    March 8th, 2012: Today we celebrate International Women’s Day within our organization as well as through support for our partner programs’ events in their local communities.

    Within our organization, we have decided that today is the perfect day to launch Soccer Moms Across Continents as the newest platform to engage past and current female footballers. This platform aims to increase the involvement of women in our organization by offering individuals initiative to take charge of a new project that will contribute to the work of CAC.

    Coaches Across Continents has decided to launch this initiative with a YouTube short film staring Judith Gates. As someone who has always been committed to female empowerment, Judith is a perfect spokeswoman for this new initiative.

    International Women’s Day is a day being celebrated all around the world by companies, organizations, communities and individuals alike. It is a day to highlight the achievements of women and girls in every community. Annually on March 8th, thousands of events are held throughout the world ranging from political rallies, business conferences, government activities and networking events to local women’s craft markets, theatric performances, sports events, fashion parades and more.

    “Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures” is the 2012 theme of the internationalwomensday.com website and this has been widely used by hundreds of organisations including schools, universities, governments, women’s groups and the private sector. This theme is what brings together many of CAC’s partner programs today, including Nico from Tanzania who with the Njumbe Municipal Schools will offer female participants training in Marta skills and other activities from the CAC Chance to Choice curriculum to demonstrate to the girls and the community the importance of strong female athletes. They are also planning a side project that will connect boys and girls from the soccer program to an environmental clean up project in the community.

    In Uganda our partner program, Buwate Youth Soccer Association,  led by Coach Richard Kato Ssebunya and his coaches, will also use Marta skills and other CAC activities during a training specifically designed for girls teams in their community.

    In Kenya, our partner program Kisumu Youth Football Association (KYFA) have invited all the girls teams in Kisumu to join at the sports center in the town center to participate in various skill contests, which are based on games taught from the CAC curriculum. Prizes to the female participants will include KYFA t-shirts and sports equipment. To conclude the event, all female teams will participate in a friendly match in celebration of their achievements individually and collectively.

    CAC doesn’t just focus on celebrating female achievements today on IWD, however instead makes it a priority to celebrate, empower and work to improve the lives of women and girls through their football for social development curriculum, training and three year partnerships with local groups.


  1. betty Ssembatya says: March 8, 2012 at 7:53 amReply

    It is a good idea and initiative that is going to improve on the lives of women. We build the future by training the young generation. If the girls are trained, women emancipation will be a legend to tell and the nation will be safe and more secure for women and girls to stay. Good job go on