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  • Impacting 16+ million children

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CAC Impact: Advancing Organizations

CAC Impact advances organizations by delivering year-round strategic resources to improve their locally-owned and sustainable programming.

To apply for an Impact partnership and begin your pathway to accreditation, please complete our Partnership Application or contact .

CAC Impact is a division of Coaches Across Continents, a global collaboration of communities, organizations, and coaches on six continents that impact the UN SDGs and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. #PartoftheSolution

Impact Partnership Case Studies:

Slum Soccer


IndoChina Starfish Foundation

Organizational Accreditation

In 2019 Coaches Across Continents launched the first-ever global Organizational Accreditation Program for organizations using Purposeful Play and Education Outside the Classroom. Each partner has access to our 28 year-round strategic resources. Our Purposeful Play and Education Outside the Classroom creates Legacies based on the UN SDGs. Our key to success is a unique Self-Directed Learning model that is based on our 'Chance to Choice' and ‘ASK for Choice’ curricula that educate people to identify, address, and solve problems specific to their communities.

Our Impact Partnerships reach over 16 million children in 60 countries

Chance to Choice

Coaches Across Continents uses a unique Self-Directed Learning model that educates people to identify, address, and solve problems specific to their communities. Over the course of the three-year partnership, we use annual benchmarks to monitor progress. In the first year, we Educate on how to best use sport for social impact. In the second year, communities Adapt our curriculum to best suit their local needs. And in the third year, they Create a sport for social impact curriculum specific to their own community.

CAC has won 25 major Global Awards for our partnership work

ASK for Choice

Through ASK for Choice, Coaches Across Continents will: create an environment for the progression of Attitudes towards education and gender roles; the development of Skills for female leadership and problem solving; and an increase in Knowledge of gender policies. This will lead to educational, employment, entrepreneurial, financial, girls’ and women’s rights, and health Choices. ASK for Choice will enhance personal and community responsibility and produce locally owned and relevant gender equity initiatives. Coaches Across Continents’ strategic mentorship on curriculum and policy development will bring gender policies to life throughout communities by generating pathways to advance women’s and girls' participation, leadership, and rights in and through sport.

ASK for Choice is the largest global Gender Equity initiative

29 Year-Round Strategic Resources towards Organizational Accreditation

Every CAC partnership has access to our 29 year-round strategic resources to Design, Develop, and Implement their own sustainable Purposeful Play and Education Outside the Classroom programming.
They are also the pathway towards Organizational Accreditation

Essential Resources (11)

To become accredited, an organization must complete all of the following 11 Essential Resources with Coaches Across Continents:

Elective Resources (18)

In addition to the 11 Essential Resources, each organization must complete a percentage of the Elective Resources.
The accreditation level is based on the number completed.
Accreditation = 8/18 // Advanced Accreditation = 12/18

  • ASK for Choice Organizational Theory
  • CAC SAFE: Organization, Community and Social Media
  • Child Rights Policy Development
  • Methodology: Education Outside the Classroom for Organizations
  • Methodology: Purposeful Play
  • Methodology: Self-Directed Learning
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Support
  • Theory of Change Development
  • UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • UN SDG 17 Education for Organizations
  • Women's Rights Policy Development
  • Accredited Organization Pathway
  • Award Nomination Support
  • #CACTogether for Organizations
  • Chance to Choice Organizational Theory
  • Community Engagement Mapping
  • COVID-19 Strategy Planning
  • Equal Choices Organizations
  • Financial Consultancy
  • Funding for Programming
  • Global Leadership Courses
  • Global Networking
  • Organizational Strategy Development
  • Project Based Learning
  • References for Organizations
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Program Delivery Tool
  • Social Media and Marketing
  • TED-ED Digital Stoytelling
  • Virtual Learning

  • Additional Bonus Resources (2)

    These two bonus resources are available for all CAC partners once outside funding and opportunities are identified and secured. They are not aligned with the accreditation pathway:

  • Equipment Across Continents
  • Safe Space Design and Implementation
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