• We Accredit Leaders in Purposeful Play

  • Published Methodology and Theory of Change

  • We Design Curriculum to Address the UNSDG's


We Accredit Leaders Using Purposeful Play to Address the UNSDG's

  • Our Instruct team has educated over 27,800 leaders globally
  • In 2019 our Instruct team delivered 55 in-country programs
  • We have over 500 unique play-based games addressing the UN SDGs.
  • Created Curriculum for Standard Chartered Goal Programme, Pathfinder, Nike Global Community Impact, & more
  • We develop curriculum for 5 UN Global Days impacting organizations in 110+ countries
  • Our 'Instruct' team deliver in-country face to face education with community educators and coaches. They provide professional development using our published Self-Directed Learning methodology and bespoke Purposeful Play curriculum. They integrate our SAFE training program into their work which helps organizations build a child safe, coach safe, organization safe and community safe environment. #WhatsYourLegacy?

    To learn more about CAC's 'Instruct' team and leader Accreditation please contact .

    Instruct Partnership Case Studies:

    GOALS Haiti

    Sonora Ministry of Education

    GOALS Armenia

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