• International Women’s Day with Childreach Nepal

    March 12th 2015. CAC monitoring and evaluation and curriculum development strategist Sophie Legros spent International Women’s Day with our partners Childreach Nepal.

    Following International Women’s Day weekend, our 74 partners have been sharing stories about their Women’s Day celebrations and the impact they are having in their communities promoting gender equality through sport. We continue to be amazed by our partners’ creativity. International Women’s Day initiatives included football matches, weekend events, multiple day tournaments involving both girls and boys teams, presentations and workshops related to gender equality awareness, and fashion shows.

    For my part, I was able to celebrate International Women’s Day at the beautiful Yangrima School with the familiar faces of last year’s participating students (you can read more about last year’s training here). After a brief discussion about why we celebrate International Women’s Day, the students selected games they wanted to play to address gender equality.

    We started the session with Circle of Friends Partners, where students yelled out various Women’s Rights – right to freedom, right to education, etc. After fun games of Old Trafford Tag and Mingle Mingle, students played Marta for Gender Equity to address ways in which women and girls are excluded from the community and solutions to increase women and girls’ participation. Having thought extensively about this issue in December, players were quick to identify various solutions that could be implemented in their community – participation in sports, awareness programs, or education. To conclude the session, we played Pairs Scrimmage, where girls and boys were paired together and had to cooperate. Overall, it was an exciting session thanks to the students’ knowledge of Sport for Social Impact and their familiarity with the games.

    The full day journey to Sindapulchowk on mountainous, bumpy roads was entirely worthwhile. Apart from the breathtaking views, it was a pleasure to see the students again and witness the strides that have been made. Students were more comfortable with the games and with expressing themselves within the group, they exhibited more confidence and I was astonished at how much their football level had increased since December, especially the girls’. Their technical skills had noticeably improved, as well as their vision of where to pass the ball, and they managed to impose themselves when playing with boys.

    One reason for this is that the boys’ team captain has taken it upon himself to train the girls. At the end of the session where both boys and girls were involved, we discussed the importance of boys also advocating for gender equality and supporting female participation in sport as part of the HeforShe campaign and movement. Boys and girls gladly took pictures to show their support for Women’s Day.

    I could not have had imagined a better way to celebrate International Women’s Day! What did you do for International Women’s Day? Tell us in the comments below.