• Introducing our On Field Strategist 2012: Brian Suskiewicz

    Brian at our Northern Uganda program

    January 19th, 2012.  Coaches Across Continents are delighted to announce that Brian Suskiewicz is heading our On Field Partnerships in 2012.  Brian will work with more than 35 community partners and all our international coaches to provide programs in more than 15 countries.

    In 2010, Brian worked in 6 countries with Coaches Across Continents and in 2011 he coached in 3 more, including Uganda and Namibia.  His experience of leading international programs makes him an extremely valuable member of the Coaches Across Continents On Field team.

    “We are absolutely delighted that Brian will be our On Field leader in 2012.  He’s an outstanding Soccer for Life Skills coach, an incredibly well liked person throughout the partner communities and an extremely valuable asset for all our new coaches because of his experiences over the past 3 years.”  Seamus Malin, Coaches Across Continents Board Member.

    In his role as On Field Strategist, Brian will liaise with our community partner

    Brian with Special Olympics, Namibia

    programs, design and adapt our curriculum to make it specific to local issues, recruit and train international coaches, and work with the Off Field team to provide relevant Monitoring and Evaluation information from the field.

    Brian will spend more than 6 months of the year ‘on the fields’ with partner programs and communities and will work to implement our new 2012 Child Rights on field program.  Additionally, he will continue work on our new TactX on-line 3D Coaches Across Continents curriculum to maximise our year-round partnership support.

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  1. nicholaus achimpota says: January 20, 2012 at 10:44 amReply

    Hi Brian,I would like to join in your face book.Nico from Tanzania