• It’s Peace Day Today!

    September 21st 2015. For the second straight year, Coaches Across Continents has teamed up with Peace One Day to promote international peace through football. Today, CAC join millions of others across the world by taking part in this international day of ceasefire and nonviolence.

    As part of the One Day One Goal campaign, Peace One Day has issued a challenge to football players around the world to organize a game of football today, in order to symbolize the potential peace that the sport can bring. Whether big or small- with a few friends, or the whole community- these games will be instrumental to the overall impact of Peace Day, so we hope you are joining us on the pitch!

    For this special campaign, CAC has created a unique set of Peace Day games that emphasize the importance of promoting peace through out every community across the world. Over the last two months we’ve been hard at work sending these games out to as many people as possible to get them prepped and ready for the big day. As a result, football activities are expected to take place in over 100 countries to celebrate Peace Day today.

    Today, we are contributing to making this year’s Peace Day the biggest and best one yet! There is still time for you to help. If you can’t join us on the field, don’t worry,there are other ways to help. We’d love for you to spread the word to anyone and everyone that you can about this special day. While just talking about the event may seem simple, the awareness and recognition of Peace Day is as important as anything!

    If you do choose to join us in the movement for world peace, we’re interested in seeing how you celebrate Peace Day by sharing any quotes, photos, or videos from your activities over social media. For any Peace Day related activities you post, remember to tag Coaches Across Continents and Peace One Day so that we can share the amazing work that you’re doing in your communities!