• Join CAC and Our Partners on PEACE ONE DAY and JUGGLE!

    1016858_482364278512990_464095126_nJuly 31, 2013.  In 2013 Coaches Across Continents has been on a mission to get the whole world moving towards collective social development. Yes, we have been doing our usual service for developing communities around the world through our programs, but we have also been literally moving the whole world by getting the world juggling through our Juggle Across Continents Campaign!

    If you have been keeping up with the latest news from around the world with Coaches Across Continents you have been able to see how many people and teams that have been able to participate in the movement. It has truly been a Juggle Across Continents! We have set a goal of reaching 1,000,000 juggles with people from around the world. Between 20 different CAC partner organizations we have reached 139, 135 juggles and are well on our way to reaching our goal of 1,000,000 juggles!

    But as this juggle mission continues we need YOUR help! Help us reach our goal of uniting the world through juggling and join in the Juggle-A-Thon. September 21st will be the official Day of Peace and we want to get everyone involved in the movement towards social development! We want to see which group of children, coaches, volunteers and anyone else who is willing to compete to see who can be the ultimate champions of juggling!

    The way to join is by organizing a Juggle-A-Thon. This is how the juggle-a-thon works…each person involved (children, coaches, anyone attending your Peace One Day event) has three chances to juggle. After those three chances they then add together their three scores (15+9+10=34). Once everyone has gotten their own scores, then add all the scores together throughout the group! For example: Nick, Brian and Emily juggled. After each of them juggled three times Emily got 90 juggles, Nick got 80 juggles and Brian got 50 juggles. The score for CAC would be 220 juggles!

    Then you want to send your scores to Emily Lambert (). We will look at the scores and find out who the ultimate jugglers are!! Every juggle will help the movement towards social development and peace! Lets have fun making the world a better place!



  1. Edwin Emmanuel Ngonyani says: August 8, 2013 at 12:02 amReply

    helo everybody
    I am one of the secondary school teachers who received this GOAL programme. I am in Mwanza TAnzania, I have find that the coaches accross continents programme contributes much in new skills aquirements and players development.
    thanks for those who ipart this knowledge all over the continents as they add a lot.
    thanks in advance