• Kicking off Goals4Leaders

    Original Post: 9/4/2009

    Goals4Leaders is an exciting new initiative that was designed by David Williams to raise funds for Coaches Across Continents. With your help, results can be impressive and will make a huge difference to the people in the communities in which Coaches Across Continents works! The idea is simple – family, friends, fans and businesses sponsor each goal scored by their chosen soccer team across the whole season. The more goals scored, the more money raised! Individuals can also donate a fixed amount if they are worried that the team they are sponsoring will be TOO successful in their goal scoring!So why are we telling you all of this?! Well, we need your help! There are 2 ways you can get involved:

    1) Donate! We already have a soccer team who are acting as the pioneers for Goals4Leaders. You can sponsor them per goal, or for a fixed amount. Help motivate them to score as many goals as possible! To do this, go to http://www.firstgiving.com/harvardsoccerseniors or http://www.firstgiving.com/hwssophomores

    2) Support your team and generate social change! Register your sports team so that you can raise funds for every goal that you score! As an extra incentive to score more goals, if you raise enough money there will be an opportunity for you to travel to one of the community programmes in Africa or one of the other countries in which Coaches Across Continents operate and see what your money is directly contributing to! Create your own fundraising page by going to: http://www.firstgiving.com/22655

    Please tell all of your friends, family and colleagues about Coaches Across Continents and Goals4Leaders so that we can get as many different soccer teams as we can registered and raising funds! You could also get rival soccer teams to sign up and add some extra rivalry – not just in the game, but in who can raise the most money!

    We can’t make a difference without you…sign up now!

    Thanks in advance,


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