• Little village BIG impact.

    June 18, 2013.  A week working in Mpigi (Uganda) wasn’t just pure coaching CAC games, but it was filled with the whole community of Mpigi opening up their doors to us.  We had coaches attend the training sessions who were from all different backgrounds, and who were all eager to learn and show us around.  Many of the coaches were teachers, and had attended the previous training session CAC had held the year before.

    We also had a few committed coaches come and join us who attended the previous week at KSEM. It was a huge surprise to see two previous coaches that week show up after traveling an hour in a taxi to come and learn new games. We felt like we were apart of that community the week we were there. Everyday we would walk together home from training, watch local training sessions and learn to cook a new dish from our Impact Coach Salim Blanden. Our favorite Ugandan dish was “Matoke” or bananas boiled with beans.  It was a unique experience to feel to involved with the community and so welcomed.

    We were also lucky enough to tour a female youth center based in Mpigi who helps women who were raped, and educates them on Agronomy so they can become financially independent. Mpigi may be a small spot on the map in Uganda but it is doing wonderful things for the next generation of children, and their local community. Our Adebayor HIV/AIDS game were a huge success with the coaches, the concept was clearly understood, and they were eager to share the games with their teams.



  1. Tony says: June 19, 2013 at 10:43 amReply

    It was really very interesting and encouraging to work with the coaches across the Continents especially with the on field strategist Emily and also Rachel. Because they were really so hardworking and inspiring.