• March Madness is Over… Now Predict the 2014 World Cup!


    April 14th 2014: The 2014 World Cup is only 60 days away. Join the CAC World Cup prediction bracket and show CAC that you are a soccer knowledge machine by going toe to toe with our soccer obsessed staff and ex World Cup winners!

    Not only do you get to compete for the title but you will also know while you watch the games, that you have supported a positive legacy for Brazil during the World Cup.

    To join the league all you have to do is:

    1. Go to our Indiegogo campaign raising money for our work facilitating social change in Brazil.

    2. Donate at least $25 to the campaign.

    3. Receive an email password to our ESPN World Cup prediction league within 24 hours.

    4. Setup an ESPN account and join the CAC World Cup group.

    5. Predict the World Cup! Will England or the US get to the Quarterfinals? Will Brazil win it all at home?

    6. Keep track of your position throughout the World Cup!

    971853_489931941089557_786400727_nThis summer Coaches Across Continents will be working in disadvantaged and dangerous Brazilian communities to coincide with the World Cup specifically focusing on drug abuse, gang violence and local conflict. To ensure the greatest possible impact and provide a positive legacy for local people affected by the World Cup we need your help.

    Your support will mean that soccer, the most popular sport in Brazil, will not only have an impact for professionals this summer. It will mean that youth and communities who are overlooked by the World Cup going on around them will be given the tools and capacity to positively affect their dangerous social situations though ‘The Beautiful Game’. Money will go towards:

    • educating the next generation of Brazilians about global child rights
    • teaching how to resolve conflict and gender based violence peacefully
    • how to solve their own problems to ensure sustainability after the program

    Not only that but your support means you can be part of the CAC World Cup prediction league!

    Join today!