• Meet Coaches Heading to Uganda & Kenya

    Meet Lindsey Daugherty

    Favorite soccer team: USA Women’s World Cup Team
    Favorite player: Megan Rapinoe
    Favorite movie: The Breakfast Club
    Favorite food: Cheese…any kind!
    Who will win Euro 2012? No idea

    Funniest moment on the soccer field: In high school, my best friend, Lauren Rosenman (who was a defender), stopped a goal from going in with her hands. They gave her a red card, called a PK, and the other team scored anyway. When she was walking off the field, it was completely silent and extremely awkward…someone from the stands shouted “Red Card Rosie!” and everyone started laughing. To this day, we still call her that.

    What you are most looking forward to with your volunteering? I’m most looking forward to being able to communicate through soccer even if we don’t speak the same language. So much is said through smiling and facial expressions and I can’t wait to be a part of that experience for the local children and adults.

    Interesting fact(s) about you: Ever seen The Wire? I’m a Baltimore City Public Schools teacher so that’s pretty much the neighborhood I teach in. My stories could go on for days…

    Anything else you want us to put out in the blogosphere? This quote is short and simple but very true: “Work Hard, Play Hard”…pretty much sums up my life. I work my butt off to get the job done, but when it’s done, I like to celebrate in any way possible =)

    Lindsay will be working in Kenya with VAP and Likoni Community Football League in Mombassa.

     Meet Nathan Noble
    Favorite soccer team: Manchester United
    Favorite player: Peter Schmeichel
    Favorite movie: Rudy
    Favorite food: Steak and Mash Potatoes
    Who will win Euro 2012? Spain
    Funniest moment on the soccer field: My funniest moment on the soccer field was during a high school soccer game when I was taking a goal kick and missed the ball. It had been raining and the field was a swamp. When I planted to kick the ball…my plant foot slipped and I swung and missed the ball.
    What you are most looking forward to with your volunteering? Seeing a child’s face when they learn something new and how excited they are.
    Interesting fact(s) about you: I have been to 33 countries
    Anything else you want us to put out in the blogosphere?  (i.e. quote/hopes/dreams/favorite color/astrology sign?) “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

    Nathan will be working with Buwate in Uganda and then leading programs in Kenya.