• Meet The Coaches: Andy Old

    Coaches Name: Andy Old

    Home Town: Philadelphia, PA…..and Hetton, UK

    Playing Experience: Sunderland Academy, Preston North End YTS, Harvard University.

    Funniest Moment on a Soccer Field: Every time I kick with my left foot.

    Coaching Experience: 7 year summer Director of Coaching at PLAY SOCCER Camps

    Favorite Movie: Love Story

    Favorite Song: While my Guitar Gently Weeps by the Beatles

    Favorite Team: Sunderland

    Who will win the World Cup? Is this a trick question?…..England will win the World Cup and they will beat the USA 4 v 0 in the group stages.

    Hopes/Thoughts about working in Africa:

    I’m working with two programs in Kenya.

    1.  VAP works in areas of Nairobi that have some of the highest rates of HIV/AIDS infected and affected youth in Kenya’s capital. Many of the youths come from ‘families’ living in extreme poverty who may have lost one or both parents to the disease.

    2.  Based in western Kenya, Society Empowerment Project (SEP) is providing hope to a region ravaged by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. With Kenya’s highest rate of infection, the Nyanza Province faces high child and adult mortality, large number of AIDS orphans and poor educational opportunities. In this context, a group of volunteers from Oyugis founded SEP in 2004 to give back to their community. Using football to attract young people, SEP provides life skills, sports leadership and management training. In addition, it works closely with AIDS awareness and treatment groups and local schools to provide young people with training to reduce the level of infection.

    It is a fantastic opportunity for me to combine my two great passions; soccer and medicine and I can’t wait to get to Kenya in April.