• Meet the Coaches: Emily Baker

    Coach’s Name: Emily Baker

    Hometown: Gray, Maine

    Playing Experience: Southern Maine Premier Youth Club, Harvard JV Women’s Team

    Funniest Moment on the Field: Being put in goal after our keeper got one too many concussions.  Consequently, it was also my scariest moment on the field.

    Coaching Experience:Utithi Secondary School Girls’ Coach, 2009

    Favorite Movie: Drop Dead Gorgeous

    Favorite Song:Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More by the Allman Brothers

    Favorite Team: Chelsea

    Winner of this year’s World Cup: Spain

    Hopes/Thoughts About Working in Africa: I hope to find new ways to inspire the girls I coach at the secondary school where I am a teacher.

    Emily will be joining Coaches across Continents at the VAP program.  VAP works in areas of Nairobi that have some of the highest rates of HIV/AIDS infected and affected youth in Kenya’s capital. Many of the youths come from ‘families’ living in extreme poverty who may have lost one or both parents to the disease.