• Meet the Coaches: Graham Bradford

    Coaches Name: Graham Bradford
    Hometown: Chesterfield, England
    Playing Experience: I’ve played a wide range of team sports all my life, but particularly Football and Rugby (1st XV captain at university), both of which I achieved Representative County honours over several seasons. Cricket and skiing are also passions, as are many other sports I endeavour in…. but to less successful effect….. especially golf!!.
    Funniest Moment in sport…. where to start?  Managing to kick a rugby ball through my own team’s posts during a game…. not an easy thing to do! Countless others, including too many ‘first ball’ dismissals in cricket (not funny at all at the time) and missed open goals on the football field. Playing golf with my friends… always hilarious.

    Coaching experience: University rugby – coached the full squad in my captaincy year, youth rugby and junior football and cricket coaching….. and a life time of being ‘coached’.

    Favorite Movie…(s): hmmm… Star Wars when I was 10 blew my little brown socks off, but now probably The Godfather pt 2, The Blues Brothers and Local Hero too.

    Favorite Song: arrgh… if I had to choose one, Won’t Get Fooled Again by The Who…. on loud!

    Favorite Team: Sunderland ’til i die…. but it’s painful!

    Who will win the World Cup: Heart says England, head says Spain.

    Hopes/Thoughts about working in Africa: My hopes are pretty simple really: That my efforts will genuinely help bring lasting improvement to the lives of others in desperate circumstances, even in a small way; That I can bring some fun to teachers and children who have too little of it in their lives; and, that I am strong enough to deal with the emotional challenge which I’m sure the trip will bring, on a number of levels…..and perhaps to lose 14lbs or so!

    Graham will be part of the Coaches across Continents programs with SEP and CFK in Kenya.