• Naz Foundation empowers women throughout India!

    IMG_6912March 20th, 2013.  India along with many parts of the world is dealing with atrocities and continued violence against women. CAC started working with NAZ Foundation in India this past year, and we feel very lucky to work with them. They are leaders in teaching the Standard Chartered GOAL curriculum to women throughout three major cities in India; Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai. This year for Women’s Day they hosted events at all locations, believing India needs all the support and programs they can give at this very critical time in history for women.

    The NAZ Foundation Mumbai team hosted an event that embraced girls from both Hindi and Urdu languages that opened with a range of fun games. After playing games and getting the girls comfortable, Anjali Gopalan; Founder and Executive director of Naz Foundation, and Halima Fanibada; Headmistress of Trombay High school spoke to the group of young women.  The two speakers had very important messages for the young women, Halima explained the importance of educating women and the rights to education women have in India. While Gopalan passionately told the crowd, “ Don’t just focus on working with women; we must also work with men to further their understanding of women’s rights.” It will take both genders of race to change the violence against women throughout the world! Fantastic work Naz Foundation!

    For more information on other site celebrations for Women’s Day put on by Naz Foundation please, click here.