• New community sports facility Award for Beyond Sport Winner

    August 5th, 2010:  Connor Sport Court, one of Beyond Sport’s Business Support Partners has matched funding from Beyond Sport to develop Tanzania’s first all weather, multi-purpose court. Coaches across Continents, winner of Best New Project 2009, entered a competition to win the free court and convinced the judges that Kigoma, where the organisation has been working for nearly three years, would be a great recipient community for the court.

    Kigoma is located at the North Eastern Shore of Lake Tanganyika in Western Tanzania, 1,200 kilometres from Dar es Salaam. The Municipal has an area of 128sq. kilometers and approximately 225,000 inhabitants. Kigoma struggles with early school drop out, with especially high drop out rates for young girls. Kigomaalso struggles with AIDS and HIV, poverty, and lack of employment opportunities.

    There is currently no safe and sufficient place for Coaches across Continents to do their work. The only “formal” playing surface in the area is filled with deep holes, strewn with rocks, broken glass and trash, and the ground is uneven and made up of deep sand in parts. The field’s surrounding security wall has been partially demolished allowing animals to frequently roam across the field.

    A court from the world’s largest court builder will change all this…watch this space to see the project take shape.

    “We would like to thank Beyond Sport and Connor Sport Court for this Award.  In the past two years our coaches have worked with more than 150 local teachers and coaches and more than 15,000 children to start the sport for social development program.  The Municipal in Kigoma and the Sports Officers, Nico and Masari also deserve a great deal of credit for their pioneering work in Tanzania.”  Christian Aviza, Board of Directors, Coaches across Continents.

    The court has recently departed the Connor Sport Court factory and will arrive via sea to Dar Es Salaam in early September.