• New Partnership from Beyond Sport World

    Original Post: 9/1/2009

    Coaches across Continents are delighted to announce a new CSR partner, kick4change.

    About kick4change:

    Kick4change logokick4change is a Community Interest Company. CIC’s are created for the use of people who want to conduct a business or other activity for community benefit, and not purely for private advantage. This is achieved by a “community interest test” and “asset lock”, which ensure that the CIC is established for community purposes and the assets and profits are dedicated to these purposes. Registration of a company as a CIC has to be approved by the Regulator who also has a continuing monitoring and enforcement role.

    The business, founded by Jamie Tosh and Simon Brown, friends since school, is a community vehicle that will raise significant funds from the sale of its 4sport branded products. We will donate 50% of profits directly back to schools and grass roots sports clubs who register with us and whose parents purchase our products. The remaining profits will go into the asset lock, to be further used for investing in grass roots sports and good causes. This level of donation could only be achieved by a company with a social enterprise status and associated values.

    We recognise that sport can shape, develop and improve young lives. We are committed to making sport as accessible as possible for as many young people as possible, allowing them to benefit from the life skills and experiences that only sport can provide.

    That is why we have initially designed and developed football boots that are accessible to everyone. Irrespective of ability, race, colour or creed, sport should be played and enjoyed by all. You can purchase a pair of our 4sport football boots by clicking here.

    We want to work alongside schools, sports clubs, charities and companies adopting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects, both in the UK and abroad, and to gain recognition as a brand that stands for quality, value and that re-invests in grass roots sports. In effect the people’s champion that gives consumers another choice and the ability to do something positive with their money and benefit directly from their purchasing decisions.

    “We are excited to work alongside kick4change and be part of their CIC adventure.  W’d like to thank Jamie and Simon for their initial donation of a Boot Library for a Coaches across Continents program in Africa in 2010.  Having young children wearing the 4sport footwear increases the safety aspect of all our programs and is exciting for children, so used to playing barefoot. Their idea is unique and makes a perfect CSR partner for us.  Their support will make a huge difference to thousands of children in our programs”  Nick Gates, Global Strategist.

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