• Nick Gates & Brian Suskiewicz discuss their journey into business with The Drive Phase Podcast

    In April, CEO Nick Gates and Chief Strategist Brian Suskiewicz, sat down with James Moore on The Drive Phase podcast to discuss their individual backgrounds and their personal roads to creating Coaches across Continents. The podcast, produced by Coordinate Sport, is aimed at highlighting the unique journeys and diverse careers in sports and sports entrepreneurship.

    James Moore, the host of The Drive Phase podcast looks in depth at the growth of Coaches Across Continents, from one country in 2008 to 6 continents, running education programs in up to 132 countries. CEO Nick Gates goes on to say:

    “We now have four main divisions, working with teachers, educators, organisations,
    corporations and governments and the demand keeps growing.”

    Delving into his background, CEO Nick Gates had already felt that sport could do more when he put on his backpack for a 23-month trip around 40 countries. Not only did he gain first- hand experience of the Winter Olympics and The Ashes to name a few, but he found a passion for how sport could indeed, change the world.

    No stranger to the world of business, he decided that instead of returning to a life of suits and ties, he would use his wider experience of business to form an organisation that would use sport as a pathway to making a change in people’s lives. When he met Brian Suskiewicz, Nick jokingly nicknames the “two-sport athlete”, he was an experienced university sports coach in the US with a passion for sports and education.

    Despite intending to become a teacher, the opportunity to travel and work in sport was too enticing of a proposition for Brian. He made the leap to volunteer with the organisation, making his first volunteer trip with CAC to South Africa. With the actions of sport on and off the pitch under the spotlight, both Brian and Nick strongly believe in their own concept of Corporate Social Purpose. Whilst seeing the power of sport to bring change, Brian adds that there must be focus to the initiatives.

    “I think it’s about getting people to understand that’s it is not just about getting in a circle and rolling out a ball, the very serious aspect is the community and individual development features, and it should be taken as such.”

    The main focus for James, host and Managing Director of Coordinate Sport is to showcase extraordinary stories in the industry. He added:

    “All organisations want to stay in the drive phase for as long as possible and continually grow and develop. This podcast is focused on connecting with and showcasing these industry thought leaders, Nick and Brian are a great example of this with so much knowledge and insight to share with our network of leaders”

    What does it take to build a legacy of development through sport across six continents? Find out how on The Drive Phase podcast. Available on The Coordinate Sport website, Google
    Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Youtube.


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