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    Article from One World Futbol:  January 19th, 2011

    Soccer in the desert?

    Who is this man, and what is he doing with a One World Futbol in the middle of the Kalahari Desert in Namibia?
    The man’s name is Christian Aviza, and he is one of the extraordinary volunteer soccer coaches involved in our award-winning partner, Coaches Across Continents. Together with his fellow board member Nick Gates, the organization’s founder and executive director, Christian recently completed a 4,400-mile journey to visit some of their partner communities in South Africa, Lesotho, Namibia, and Botswana . . . and the One World Futbol was with them every step of the way. They used a stopover in the desert as an opportunity hold a fundraising contest: to see which of them could juggle One World Futbols the longest.
    Christian reports: “We introduced the ball to our partners and the children in our programs and the response was excellent. And for a bit of fun we took the ball with us when we were with the Great White sharks in Gansbaii, we used it on our sponsored juggle on the dunes in Namibia and at the top of Table Mountain. The ball really is indestructible.”
    Since its founding in 2008, Coaches Across Continents has worked with more than 90,000 children and teachers in developing communities in six African countries. They’re teaching HIV/AIDS prevention, female empowerment, and conflict resolution—all through using soccer and soccer related games on the field.
    During 2010 alone, Coaches Across Continents grew from three programs in three countries to 17 programs in six countries and leveraged 35,000+ hours of volunteer time (worth over $875,000). In 2011, the program will expand to 13 countries. Coaches Across Continents has chosen the One World Futbol as the official ball for all its programs in all 13 countries.
    The One World Futbol Project is proud to partner with this extraordinarily dedicated and effective organization. We’re working together to get One World Futbols to all Coaches Across Continents program sites around the world and for Nick Gates and his team to provide guidance to us regarding innovative best practices in the field of sport and development.
    In the photo below, you can see Christian again, with a group of the Namibian children he coached—in a somewhat greener part of the country.


  1. William Spivey says: November 11, 2012 at 1:10 amReply

    Christian, You have done amazing things. I can’t believe that you used to shelve books for me back at Georgetown. I hope that you are happy and doing well. your life seems to be very fulfilling. -W. Spivey

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