• Ongoing work in Malawi

    Original Post: 9/19/2009

    “Yesterday, we walked for 2 kilometers through Ndirande on our way to the township’s primary school. Vendors lined the street selling a variety of items from trash bags to peanuts to rusted car parts. We were very excited to see hundreds of young smiling faces when we reached the school, despite the intense poverty in the surrounding area. The teachers are very enthusiastic and the kids play with a great deal of joy and skill”.


    “We arrived on Sunday morning in the middle of Blantyre market – where I got some
    surprised looks from people seeing a white girl in a soccer uniform – to play
    “Street Football.” I played with girls who were friendly and welcoming; viagrapillnow.com/ many
    people were watching and cheering around the cement field. I left with a few
    scrapes but with the feeling that this is a great way to keep the young (and
    not so young) boys and girls off the streets and out of trouble while allowing
    them to have a good time, and with the promise of coming back next Sunday”.

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